Taking the correct amount of medication at the right time is important to ensure that you reach your treatment goals and prevent flare-ups. These strategies can help you remember to take your medication:

  • Be educated: Make sure you understand your health care provider’s directions and talk to your provider or pharmacist if you have any questions.

  • Make it easy: Leave sticky notes in places that you will see them, place a pillbox in plain sight of your daily activities, and use a medication log to keep track.

  • Use technology: Set a reminder on your phone or download one of the available free medication apps available for your phone.

  • Be prepared: Use automatic refills from your pharmacy so you never run out of your prescription medications.

Be honest with your doctor if you are having problems taking your medication.

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You can find tips in this brochure from AGA

Use AGAs downloadable medication log to keep track of your medications:

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